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MMS: The Merchandise Management System (MMS) software program is used to manage pricing, product information, perpetual inventory, and reports.

User ID: Your User ID is defined by the application. It is your first initial and up to the first seven letters of your last name. All special characters such as apostrophes and hyphens are removed. If a user exists with the same User ID as one being created, the eighth character in the new User ID is converted to a number. Once created, the User ID cannot be modified.





The pharmacy workflow has six stations: Reception, Entry, Filling, Checking, Cash, and Counselling.

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Reception: At the Reception station, you greet the patient, gather information, and determine the pick-up time for the prescription.

Checking: At the Checking station, the Pharmacist is responsible for verifying that the prescription was correctly entered and filled.

Counselling: At the Counselling station, the Pharmacist reviews the prescription with the patient and advises him or her on the appropriate medication usage.

Cash: At the Cash station, every prescription is scanned through the cash register which changes the status from Outbox to Complete in the HEALTHWATCH SYSTEM, indicating that the prescription has been picked up. Optimum Points are awarded where applicable.

Entry: At the Entry station, prescription data is entered and processed. This includes drug interaction checking, pricing, and claim adjudication.

Filling: At the Filling station, medication is prepared, barcodes are scanned, and drug and quantity information is sent to MMS for inventory management.

Barcodes are scanned: Vial labels are scanned to display prescription information on the screen, stock bottle UPCs are scanned to enter drug information, and User ID barcodes are scanned to attach the User ID of the Pharmacy Team member who filled the prescription to the prescription itself.