Best Skin Care Tips with Megan: Shoppers Beauty Pros

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you [Megan (She/Her) Shoppers Beauty Pro] my best skin care tips that I've learned throughout the years.

[Tip #1: Multi Treat Skin]

Tip number 1: Multi treat by controlling and maintaining [Proactiv+ Repairing Treatment] acne and clogged pores with acne solutions every other day while using my regular antiaging or hydrating serum everywhere else.

[Tip #2: Facial Massage] Number 2, facial massage, either with a facial oil or your favourite serum.

[Pixi +ROSE Essence Oil]

Not only does this help to depuff and have other benefits, it's also a great way to take a moment for yourself.

[Tip #3: Emulsify Products]

Lastly, number 3. Warm up your cleanser in the palm of your hand before applying to your face.

[Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm]

This helps to smooth out and distribute the product evenly.

That's it for me.

[waves goodbye]

Until next time.