Discover your signature summer scent

Whether you lean towards elegant classics, romantic florals or contemporary coolness, there’s an olfactory accessory for you. Take this quiz to find your ideal summer scent.

  1. What’s the synopsis of your ideal summer read?
    1. An inspiring memoir of a high-powered woman who has it all.
    2. A diverse group of friends gather for a memorable seaside reunion.
    3. A steamy romance set in the tropics.
    4. A first-hand report of exploration off the beaten path.
    5. A sweeping account of life, loss and eternal love.
  1. You’re dreaming of the perfect weekend getaway. Where are you off to?
    1. A five-star hotel’s penthouse suite, with award-winning dining and a hit show.
    2. A walkable city that offers world-class art exhibits and amazing food trucks.
    3. A luxurious villa with a private pool and breathtaking views.
    4. An off-the-grid retreat for some back-country exploring.
    5. A charming lakeside BnB.
  1. You’re perusing an artisanal gelato menu. Which flavour makes your mouth water?
    1. Raspberry vanilla swirl
    2. Poached spiced pear
    3. Jasmine tea with brown sugar pearls
    4. Rhubarb soft serve
    5. Green apple sorbet
  1. What’s your go-to summer pedi shade?
    1. Candy-apple red
    2. Pastel peach
    3. Bold fuchsia
    4. Aquatic turquoise
    5. Ballet-slipper pink
  1. What’s on your beach-day playlist?
    1. Power ballads
    2. Vintage French pop
    3. Free jazz
    4. Electro beats
    5. Alt-country love songs

If you answered mostly A’s: The extravagant one
You love to squeeze the best out of life. Try an indulgent fragrance that makes every moment more sensual. Nina Ricci Nina Rouge Eau de Toilette Spray blends juicy raspberry, tangy citron, ginger flower and gardenia wrapped in notes of bourbon vanilla and crunchy caramel.

If you answered mostly B’s: The enchanting one
Your curious spirit comes through in everything you do, so you desire an equally inspiring scent. Armani Terra di Gioia Eau de Parfum evokes the Mediterranean landscape and stars sparkling pear, fresh citrus and velvety jasmine with a base of musks and ambery woods.

If you answered mostly C’s: The passionate one
No half measures here—you live to go all in and deserve a standout fragrance that’s on your level. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Parfum boasts white gardenia, jasmine and pear blossom with brown sugar and patchouli for a unique signature.

If you answered mostly D’s: The adventurous one
Your life is full of unexpected chapters, and you leap at the opportunity to write the next one. Calvin Klein CK ONE Summer 2021 Limited Edition is up for the ride. This genderless fragrance updates the ground-breaking original with rhubarb, sparkling Meyer lemon and fresh water accord.

If you answered mostly E’s: The dreamy one
Infusing every day with sweetness is in your DNA, which makes Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Forever Eau de Parfum a natural fit. A fruity floral bouquet, it’s a marriage of orange blossoms and white flowers, sparkling citrus and crisp green apple, anchored by woods.

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