Feel-good scents

What Feel-Good Fragrance Best Matches Your Personality?

Are you adventurous, a hopeless romantic, or maybe a little bit of both? Take this quiz to discover your signature scent.

  1. Pick the word that best describes you:

    1. Sophisticated
    2. Mysterious
    3. Dreamy
    4. Stylish
    5. Energetic
    6. Romantic
  2. What does your dream vacation look like?

    1. Living it up in New York City
    2. Trekking in the Himalayas
    3. Indulging in la vita bella in Italy
    4. Chilling out in Tulum, Mexico
    5. Backpacking through Europe
    6. A romantic trip to Paris
  3. You adore the smell of...

    1. Freshly cut wood
    2. Softly burning incense
    3. A blooming bouquet of roses
    4. Ripe stone fruits fresh off the tree
    5. Freshly zested citrus
    6. A wild flower garden
  4. What’s your favourite kind of gift to receive?

    1. A chic pair of heels or a new handbag
    2. A gourmet box of chocolates and a great bottle of wine
    3. A fragrant candle that reminds you of another place
    4. Something practical and fun, like a personalized subscription box
    5. A modern cookbook to experiment with new recipes
    6. A diamond from your lover


If you answered mostly A’s:
The modern one: Michael Kors Gorgeous! Eau de Parfum
You’re bold and love to make an entrance, yet you’re surprisingly easy to get along with. This strikingly modern fragrance is bursting with notes of white blooms and trails off with hints of smoky tobacco and wood, to match your spirited personality.

If you answered mostly B’s:
The mysterious one: Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum
You’re captivating, sensual and relish in luxury. With swirls of black truffle, rum-soaked plums, fragrant ylang ylang, bitter orange and a touch of warm vanilla, this opulent fragrance gives off a sense of glamour and mystique that suits you to a T.

If you answered mostly C’s:
The dreamy one: Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream For Her Eau de Parfum
With your head in the clouds, you’re always dreaming of faraway places and beautiful things. This clean and fresh scent blends crisp citrus notes with damascan rose for a powdery soft and utterly femininine effect that will transport you to Rome with a single mist. Ciao!

If you answered mostly D’s:
The cool one: MCM Eau de Parfum
You seek out all things modern and crave balance and harmony in life. This unisex fragrance blends fresh and contemporary notes of raspberry, apricot, white peony and sandalwood and will surely become your signature scent.

If you answered mostly E’s:
The intriguing one: Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Eau de Toilette
You’re complex, fascinating and love a challenge. With its medley of black and white pepper and vibrant green bergamot, a spritz of this fragrance will ignite your curious nature and spark your innate sense of adventure.

If you answered mostly F’s:
The charming one: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Mariage Limited Edition Eau de Parfum
Romantic and sweet, you delight in fairy tales and all that’s idyllic. Perfect for an intimate date night or even your fairytale wedding, this dreamy scent envelops you in a veil of rose, jasmine, orchid and osmanthus and will certainly capture your heart.

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