Getting Cheeky

An artful technique from 1980s pioneered by celebrity makeup artist Way Bandy, blush draping has been revived for the modern era. It’s a monochromatic look that extends the same shade from cheeks to the eyes and lips.

1. Start with freshly cleansed skin. “This look is about a very well-blended application, and starting with your best clean skin is a perfect first step,” says makeup artist Simone Otis, who used e.l.f. Holy Hydration! Cleansing Balm.

2. To even out the complexion, apply Pacifica Alight Multi Mineral BB Cream, building layers until you’ve achieved the coverage you want. Conceal blemishes, dark circles or discolouration with Annabelle Perfect Corrector.

3. Define your eyes by drawing along your upper lash line with Milani The Tank Eyeliner.

4. Create the base for the blush draping with Pixi On-The-Glow Blush. Apply the tinted balm across your cheeks and up to your temples, blending with your fingertips or using a medium-sized brush. “Dab your fingertip or brush directly onto the balm to pick up the product,” says Otis.

5. Dust a light layer of translucent powder to the face, with specific attention to the temples and cheekbones. “This step is important in making sure that the colour blends seamlessly overtop,” says Otis. Try NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Finishing Powder in “Translucent”.

6. Using the palest pink shade in Revolution Forever Dynamic Eyeshadow Palette in “Ambient”, apply it on the inner corners of the eyes, extending the colour to the centre of the lid. Blend the darkest pink shade into the eye crease and sweep it around and down to the outer corners of the eyes. Continuing with the same colour, blend it into the temple area and down along the cheekbones with a blush brush. Work with light layers so you can control the depth of colour until you achieve the desired look.

7. Curl the eyelashes and coat with one or two coats of Quo Beauty Pump Up The Volume Waterproof Mascara to make the eyes pop.

8. Complete the look with a complementary shade of petal pink on the lips using Revlon ColorStay Satin Ink liquid lipstick.

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