How to create a cleaner bedtime beauty routine

Take off the day and prep for beauty sleep with these nature-powered skincare picks

It’s often said that our skin repairs and regenerates itself best while we’re sleeping, so why not give the process a head start with a tailored bedtime skincare routine? From extra-gentle cleansing to a nourishing overnight mask, read on to find out how to update your bedtime regimen with mindful products from the Thoughtful Choices at Shoppers Drug Mart™ lineup.

Step one: Dissolve the day’s grime

For a complexion that glows through to the morning, begin your end-of-day ritual with a thorough cleanse. Apply Neal's Yard Remedies Sensitive Comfort + Hydrate Micellar Cleanser to a cotton pad and sweep all over your face to break down makeup (even waterproof mascara!) and grime. Free from parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrance, this cleanser boasts hydrating hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump while the oat extract helps to comfort skin after a long day.

Step two: Go for a double cleanse

To get that extra-clean feeling, follow up with a rinse-off cleanser to remove any lasting traces of impurities. Perfect for sensitive skin, Dr Roebuck’s Noosa Nourishing Creme Cleanser is a sulfate-free, gentle face wash that includes antibacterial plant extracts like calendula and arnica to reduce redness and ward off irritation, while green tea and oat leaf extracts calm and soothe.

Step three: Apply a plant-powered serum

Now that your skin is perfectly clean, it’s ready to reap the benefits of your serums and creams. Graydon Fullmoon Serum is filled with skin-loving ingredients like peptides and amino-acids, from hibiscus extract, hydrating vegan-based hyaluronic acid, and protein-rich plant-based collagen, just to name a few. This water-based natural retinol alternative serum is super lightweight and also helps to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Step four: Add moisture with a face oil

There’s nothing like a face oil to give your skin a major radiance boost. Take pleasure in the silky texture of NUXE BIO Ultimate Night Recovery Oil, which blends four organic botanical oils with a rice oleo-extract (obtained by green technology) to boost your skin’s natural nutritional system while you sleep. Warm a few drops of the oil between your palms before gently pressing it into your face to promote skin renewal and repair overnight.

Step five: Strengthen skin with a treatment

If your skin needs a little extra love, opt for a skin-strengthening gel-moisturizer like bareMinerals Skinlongevity Long Life Herb Night Treatment. It’s made with 100% vegan ingredients that help protect against environmental aggressors like stress and pollution, including a superfood named Long Life Herb that contains more vitamins and minerals than kale. This powerhouse serum dramatically improves key visible signs of aging plus, the velvet-soft texture feels dreamy on skin.

Step six: Cap it off with a night mask

For a skin reset, apply a generous layer of My Clarins RE-CHARGE Relaxing Night Mask as the last step in your routine. This relaxing herbal infusion works as a night cream or overnight mask to plump and revitalize the skin with botanicals including huang qi (a Chinese herb), vitamin C-rich fig and acerola seed extracts. Plus, it smells lightly of jasmine to help lull you to sleep. Sweet dreams!

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