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Take your beauty tool kit to the next level

Even if your bathroom cabinet is groaning with all manner of creams, serums and oils, there’s one way you can boost the effectiveness of your entire routine: Invest in a few game-changing beauty tools and accessories. The best part is, it feels so good to use them that it counts as self-care.

Slip Pure Silk sleep mask

Give your night creams and serums the proper time they need to do their work by making sure to get seven to eight hours of beauty rest every night. You can level up the quality of that slumber with a light-blocking sleep mask made of pure silk, which is more delicate on skin than cotton and softer on the eyes.

Foreo LUNA™ Play Plus 2 Minty Cool!

For those who love a deep clean, this tiny but mighty device provides a deeper cleanse with ultra-hygienic silicone touchpoints and T-Sonic™ cleansing vibrations to gently massage the face and reveal radiant skin. The thicker nubs are great for the T-zone while the finer ones are suited to the cheeks and forehead.

Quo Beauty Rose Quartz facial roller

Made of genuine rose quartz crystal, this gorgeous roller has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin and helps decrease facial puffiness. Use after applying a serum or face oil and reap the benefits of increased product absorption as well as ultimate relaxation.

bkr Spiked Tutu water bottle

When celebrities say their beauty secret is drinking water, we know it’s only half true. But that doesn’t mean chugging H20 isn’t crucial for our health and hydration. Do it in style and without creating plastic waste with this reusable glass bottle, which comes with a fun studded silicone sleeve and can hold up to 500mL.

Quo Beauty Complexion Perfection brush set

Featuring synthetic-fibre brushes designed for foundation, concealer and powder application and one for buffing said products seamlessly into the skin, this four-piece set is perfect for anyone who takes their complexion coverage seriously. Bonus: Tapered handles paired with slanted rose-gold ferrules make this set a thing of beauty.

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