What’s your beauty persona?

On the lookout for your next beauty BFF? Take this quiz to discover which skin care, cosmetics or fragrance pick is perfect for your personality.

  1. How do you like to start your day?
    1. Gentle yoga followed by a matcha latte.
    2. Ten minutes of meditation. One glass of lemon water. Done.
    3. Dining on a proper breakfast while skimming the paper.
    4. Scrolling Twitter headlines between gulps of black coffee.
    5. Meeting a friend for espresso and people-watching.
    6. Breakfast in bed, with a handwritten love note.
  1. What’s your go-to movie night pick?
    1. A tale of the triumph of the human spirit.
    2. A British mystery.
    3. Old Hollywood classics.
    4. A gripping documentary.
    5. Anything with subtitles.
    6. All of the rom-coms.
  1. If you won a beauty shopping spree, what would you add to cart first?
    1. Wellness-boosting body care.
    2. A high-tech skin device.
    3. A luxe nail polish collection.
    4. Your 5-minute face essentials, bought in bulk.
    5. A heady scented oil or fragrance.
    6. Sweet touches like shimmering lip gloss.
  1. What type of outfit makes you feel your best?
    1. Matching athleisure separates FTW.
    2. A chic uniform like a blazer, T-shirt and jeans.
    3. A dress that fits like a glove, with heels.
    4. Crisp lines, soft tailoring and a neutral palette.
    5. A joyful printed jumpsuit.
    6. A romantic silk ruffled dress.
  1. What type of home décor speaks to you?
    1. Earthy tones and natural materials
    2. Mid-century elegance
    3. Classic and regal
    4. A pared-down Scandi vibe
    5. Eclectic with collected objects
    6. Modern vintage

If you answered mostly A’s: Happily holistic
You treat yourself well. Made with soothing calendula and chamomile plus brightening niacinamide, Boscia Peptide Youth-Restore Firming Body Serum will pamper the skin you’re in.

If you answered mostly B’s: Quality obsessed
You believe anything worth doing is worth doing properly. You’ll appreciate Filorga Intensive Serum, an ultra-concentrated formula with hyaluronic acid, retinol and Vitamin C to prevent wrinkles and boost firmness and radiance.

If you answered mostly C’s: Perfectly polished
You love to channel bygone glamour. Lise Watier 6-Colour Eyeshadow Palette boasts highly pigmented cream-to-powder matte, satin and metallic shadows suitable for any occasion.

If you answered mostly D’s: Minimalist minded
For you, less is more, but your tightly edited routine always includes groomed brows. Too Faced Super Fine Brow Detailer features a micro-fine tip that easily creates definition and shape.

If you answered mostly E’s: Elegant explorer
Your wanderlust ways have led to countless adventures. Inspired by the Mediterranean, notes of sparkling pear, fresh citrus and velvety jasmine in Armani Terra di Gioia Eau De Parfum will transport you.

If you answered mostly F’s: Sentimental sweetheart
You’re a capital R romantic. Nina Ricci Nina Rouge Eau De Toilette is a fitting signature scent, sweetened with caramel and Bourbon vanilla and topped with raspberry, citron and ginger flower. Swoon!

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