Which summer fragrance is the one for you?

From blooming florals to freshly squeezed citrus, uplifting summer scents are a sure-fire way to match your mood to the season. Take this quiz to discover the summer fragrance you’ll want to spritz time and again.

1. What’s your favourite time of day in the summer?

  1. Sunrise: you love a dreamy, cotton candy-coloured sky
  2. Early a.m.: the crisp morning air is unbeatable
  3. Late afternoons: it’s the ideal time for adventure
  4. Sunset: romance is your middle name
  5. Evening: the nighttime calls for mystery
  6. All of the above: as long as the weather is warm, you’re happy

2. You spend the day at an outdoor market. What’s in your shopping basket?

  1. A blooming bouquet of pink peonies
  2. A handful of zesty lemons
  3. Hard-to find ingredients, like specialty spices and tropical fruits
  4. Ripe tomatoes, fresh pasta and vibrant basil, for a gourmet Italian dinner
  5. A little bit of everything: you’re enchanted by all the sights and sounds of the market
  6. Hand-made soaps crafted by local vendors

3. You’re lounging by the pool. What’s your refreshment of choice?

  1. A pint of summer berries and a caramel ice-cream bar
  2. Juicy apples and a jug of citrus-infused water
  3. A decked-out charcuterie board: cheese, fancy pickles, the works!
  4. A delicate rosewater-lemon cake paired with a sparkling bottle of Prosecco
  5. Iced tea, dried fruits and toasted nuts for an Insta-worthy spread
  6. A cocktail kit for poolside Manhattans

4. What’s your go-to summer beauty look?

  1. Light and laid-back: just SPF and a dot of tinted balm on the lips
  2. Low-key and beachy: tousled waves and a touch of bronzer
  3. Polished and elegant: a sleek blowout paired with a red lip is your vibe
  4. Soft and romantic: flushed cheeks, a messy bun and plenty of mascara
  5. Bold and dramatic: a sharp cat-eye and a glam, light-catching highlight
  6. Sensual and sun-kissed: rising temperatures call for golden tones and smokey eyes

If you answered mostly A’s: The Sweet One

You’re playful and energetic, so DKNY Be Extra Delicious Eau De Parfum is the perfect fit for you. A modern twist on the original Be Delicious, this floral-fruity fragrance blends juicy black currant and raspberry with white blooms and creamy caramel for a scent that’s as exuberant as you are.

If you answered mostly B’s: The Classic One

Casually cool and laidback, Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Eau De Toilette is the one for you. With a burst of Sicilian lemon, crisp-clean notes of cedar and bamboo and a barely-there hint of musk, this woody-citrus scent is refreshing but never overpowering.

If you answered mostly C’s: The Creative One

The choose-your-own-adventure of luxury fragrances, Tom Ford Resort Collection suits your desire for variety and excitement. Whether you’re in the mood for Eau de Soleil Blanc’s warm, coconutty qualities or Oud Minerale’s unique aquatic-woody essence, you’ll always have an expertly curated selection at your fingertips.

If you answered mostly D’s: The Charming One

Hopeless romantics like yourself will adore Valentino Donna Born in Roma Spring, which is an Italian getaway in a bottle. With swirling notes of primofiore lemon, soft damascan rose and a trail of powdery white musk, it’s the ideal counterpart to your amorous nature. And for your paramour, mandarin-and-cedarwood-infused Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Spring makes a fine pairing.

If you answered mostly E’s: The Daring One

A flawless fit for your free-spirited personality, YSL Libre Intense Eau De Toilette is an attention-grabbing fragrance. Its orange blossom and golden tea are light enough for warmer weather, while alluring jasmine is fit for steamy summer nights.

If you answered mostly F’s: The Carefree One

With bold hits of cardamom, lavender and vanilla bourbon, Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau De Parfum Intense will complement your charismatic disposition. From breezy days to balmy nights, this warm woody-oriental fragrance will always be in harmony with your one-of-a-kind style.

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