Why you should give organic beauty a try

Clean up your stash with these organic-powered picks that don’t compromise on quality or performance

You might choose organic when you’re picking up groceries, but are you doing the same thing when you shop for beauty products? Our skin absorbs many of the creams and cosmetic items we use on a daily basis and some of the ingredients from those products can make their way into our bloodstream. While all products sold in Canada have to meet strict safety guidelines (see article “Clean Beauty FAQ”), organic-fueled beauty products also lean into the benefits of naturally derived ingredients that are grown and processed with additional consideration of natural resources and end use in mind.

Now, more than ever, it’s easy to find a wide variety of products made with organic ingredients, mindfully selected for their beauty benefits. No matter what products you choose, always be sure to check the label or manufacturer’s website to confirm whether they contain the ingredients you do want, while being free from any ingredients you don’t want.

To help make it easier, read on to discover six great picks from the Thoughtful Choices at Shoppers Drug Mart™ lineup to help you make the switch.

For buildable coverage
For a truly weightless foundation option, lean into Physicians Formula Organic Wear® Silk Foundation Elixir, which has a silky, ultra-fluid texture that makes creating a flawless base a breeze. Filled with organic goodness, it includes skin-nourishing ingredients like organic jojoba oil, aloe vera and coconut oil to condition your skin while providing an effortless airbrushed-like finish.

For boosted lashes
It’s true: there are mascaras made with organic ingredients that lengthen, curl, and magnify your lashes like you’d expect from traditional mascaras. Infused with a special Organic LashBoosting Complex, Natural Fibers and Natural Silk Cotton, Physicians Formula Organic Wear® Fake Out™ Mascara delivers major volume, length and definition while conditioning your lashes. It’s also free of parabens and synthetic fragrance and comes with a recyclable Eco-Brush so you can feel good about this pick on so many levels.

For a “cleaner” cleanse
Wash the day away with a cleanser that softens — and doesn’t strip — the skin. cocokind oil to milk cleanser is a gentle face wash that transforms from an unctuous oil to a delightful milky consistency when combined with water. With certified organic, vegan and naturally derived ingredients, prebiotic fermented oat and plant-based oils, this cleanser promotes a healthy microbiome and pH balance while effectively removing dirt and makeup — plus, the tube is derived from sugarcane!

For toned skin
This classic toner soothes and balances the skin with certified organic Aloe Vera, and non-distilled Witch Hazel. THAYERS™ Rose Petal Witch Hazel Facial Toner Alcohol-Free with Aloe Vera has a softly herbaceous scent that will transport you to a wild garden with every swipe. Plus, it’s dermatologist tested, paraben-, phthalate- and gluten-free. It’s no wonder why Thayers elixirs have been a staple in many households for generations.

For a healthy-looking complexion
Make your self-care days count with a detoxifying mask that’s full of benefits: cocokind chlorophyll mask is free from parabens, aluminum and phthalates just to name a few. This ethically sourced, complexion-boosting mask includes certified organic spirulina and chlorella powder — two supremely nutritious superfoods and forms of algae — to purify and calm your skin while visibly reducing puffiness. Consider it a green juice for your face.

For mineral-based sun protection
Preventing sun damage can help ensure your skin stays beautiful for years to come. Since sun protection is a must year-round, why not go for an option that’s good for you and the planet? The Green Beaver Company Natural Mineral Sunscreen is made with organic ingredients like Canadian-grown organic raspberry extract. This pick is free from parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrance, plus, it’s biodegradable and reef-friendly. The mineral filters — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — form a physical barrier against UV rays for broad spectrum sun protection while securing moisture in your skin.

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