How can my pharmacist help support me on my diabetes journey?

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How can my pharmacist help support me on my diabetes journey?

Here at Shoppers Drug Mart, pharmacists have access to a lot of tools to be able to help you through your diabetes journey. The first one I will go over is basic medication reviews. Medication reviews are a good opportunity for you to sit down with your pharmacist, go through all your medications and see if you are on the correct therapy. We want to make sure that you are getting the best of the treatment plan that you are on. And we are also able to collaborate with your physician to make sure that it’s all appropriate for you. Another way that we make sure that you have optimal therapy is an A1C test. A1C tests can be done right at the store level and we are able to do these quick and easy for you. These tests will give us a good idea of how your diabetes has been controlled over the last three months. Giving us that idea, we can see if you’re in your range or you need further development on your disease journey. Another thing that we do is also training on blood glucose monitors. These are a very important part of your disease management so that you can check your blood sugars on a daily basis, see where you are, and maybe adjust dosing based on these readings that you are getting. Our last thing that we have now is actually we have the opportunity to refer you to dietitians. These dietitians are a very valuable resource because a lot of the therapy that you get will be through what we actually intake into our bodies. Even with all the medications and all the other resources we have, it’s always important to have optimal nutrition.

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