What other support resources are available, in person and online?

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What other support resources are available, in person and online?

We as pharmacists can help you navigate digital resources. We are proud at Shoppers that we have mental health as a focus point. Shoppersdrugmart.ca landing page would have a mental health hub that would help you and direct you to resources for mental health. There are also short videos of mindful meditation that would help you with breathing techniques that you can navigate through. Not to mention the Shoppers Drug Mart campaign, which is a charity for mental health for women, “Shoppers loves you by Shoppers” in collaboration with CAMH. We can also help you navigate through a healthy lifestyle such as exercising, eating healthy, looking for recipes, cooking more at home, and maintaining healthy sleep and hygiene. Just speak to us, and we will help you.

Whether you have questions about your prescription medications, over-the-counter products, immunizations, or other health concerns, our pharmacists are here to help.

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This information included in this recording is correct as of November 10th, 2020.