Home health must-haves

These may not be the kinds of gift ideas that people pine away for all year or put on their wish-lists, but they're the kinds of things that they'll appreciate having around the house.

  • A water purifier pitcher for the fridge is an affordable way to encourage folks to drink more water more often. Speaking of drinking more water... eco-friendly reusable water bottles are an easy and very useful gift.
  • Bring some calm energy into the homes of those on your shopping list by giving things such as natural sound or white noise machines, a scented candle, or a meditation cushion.
  • A friend or loved one with muscle or back pain could benefit from a therapeutic massage belt or other self-massage tools.
  • A gift certificate for a free house cleaning can help get rid of household dust and dirt (which can aggravate allergies and asthma) and also give the lucky recipient more time to relax!

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