Sneeze-free the natural way

The simplest and safest way for a pregnant or breast-feeding woman to control her allergies is to avoid allergens, the substances to which she is allergic. Here are some tips to help stay allergy-free:

  • Limit your exposure to outdoor pollens.
  • Have central air conditioning installed so that you can keep your windows closed during the peak allergy season.
  • Don't hang your laundry outside to dry. Pollen can get trapped in the clothing. Use a dryer instead.
  • Avoid travelling to rural areas when there are high pollen forecasts.
  • Vacuum and clean your home and car regularly to keep them tidy and dust-free.
  • Change bed sheets frequently and wash them in hot water.
  • Remove carpets or use commercial products to kill carpet dust mites.
  • Consider relocating your family pet while you are pregnant or breast-feeding if you do not want to use any allergy medications.
  • Keep the lawn no longer than a few centimetres to reduce the amount of grass pollen.
  • Minimize the amount of moisture in your home, as mold can develop if it's too humid.

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