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    10 Heart Health Must-Haves

    3 min read

    There is a great deal of advice out there on how to have a healthy heart. If you're feeling overwhelmed, save yourself some time and try these 10 simple heart health tips.

    1. Know yo...

  • Healthy Living

    The skinny on cholesterol

    2 min read

    Cholesterol is a fat-based substance found in the bloodstream and the body's cells.Cholesterol is essential for good health: it builds and repairs cells, protects nerve fibres, and...



    3 min read

    Diabetes is a condition where people don't produce enough insulin to meet their body's needs and/or their cells don't respond properly to insulin.


    Exercise more

    4 min read

    Ten minutes here and ten minutes there of even just moderate exercise can add up to considerable health benefits.

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    • Questions for your pharmacist

      2 min read

      Be sure to ask your pharmacist the following questions about your prescription:

      • What is the name of my medication? Keep in mind that prescription medications hav...

    • A pause to refresh

      You will likely want more information on ways of meditating, and a good place to start is with books and videos by respected meditation experts. There are hundreds of books and videos to choose fro...

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