Hip Pains and Arthritis

The Facts

Hip pain has a variety of causes. Pain in the hip joint itself tends to cause pain elsewhere, such as the inside of the hip, middle of the thigh, or the groin.

Causes of hip pain include:

  • arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis (a progressive, chronic condition that causes the lining of your joints or other body areas to become inflamed), osteoarthritis (a joint disease that causes the cartilage to break down and bone to overgrow or form cysts), and psoriatic arthritis
  • injuries, such as hip fracture, dislocation, inguinal hernia (soft tissue that protrudes through a weak part of the abdominal muscles), sprains and strains, and tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons, the tissue that anchors muscles to bones)
  • pinched nerve, such as that caused by a herniated disc or sciatica
  • cancer, such as bone cancer or advanced cancer that has spread to the bones
  • osteoporosis (a bone disease where parts of the bone become weak and prone to fracture)
  • osteomyelitis (infection of the bone)


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