Bedwetting: taming holiday stress

Is holiday stress getting your family down? Families coping with bedwetting can have added stress, so try these tips to bring back the joy.

1. Think of three things you love about the holidays. Maybe it's making a snowman with your kids, visiting grandparents, or looking at the holiday lights. Make time for these things and book them into your calendar! If concerns about bedwetting are getting in the way of your family's travel plans, effective treatments are available. Speak to your child's doctor to find out more.

2. Think of three things you don't love about the holidays. Look for ways to avoid or work around them. For example, you may be able to shop for gifts online or simplify your holiday party planning, or say "no" to those holiday events you dread.

3. See through your child's eyes. Children are very perceptive, and often pick up on the stress their parents are feeling. Think about how holiday stress, including stress around bedwetting, could be affecting your child. Reassure your child that bedwetting and any stress it may cause are not the child's fault. Try not to overreact to bedwetting – instead, deal with it calmly.

4. Plan ahead. It's easy for the holidays to take over your time, your health, and your budget. Plan ahead and set limits for how much you'll spend on holiday gifts, how many holiday events you can attend in a single weekend, and how many houseguests you can entertain. Planning ahead is especially important for family trips. Book early, start packing ahead of time, and bring the family's medications along.

5. Take care of yourself and get help if you need it. As a parent, you're often thinking of the needs of others. But don't forget about you! Set aside some "alone time" to recharge – even 15 minutes can be enough to help you stay calm. Make sure you get enough sleep, and enjoy food and alcohol in moderation. If you feel sad or anxious, notice changes in your sleeping patterns, lose interest in things you used to enjoy, or feel hopeless, speak to your doctor for help. If bedwetting is affecting your family during the holidays, speak to your child's doctor about how it can be managed.

With these tips, you and your family can enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!

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