Eyelid care

Cream cleansing formulas can gently dissolve the daily build-up of dirt, makeup and mascara, while still keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated. The skin on your eyelids is especially delicate and requires a gentle touch and special care. These sensitive areas can easily become irritated, so moisturizing at bedtime can protect them.

When choosing a moisturizer, be sure to find one that is specifically formulated for use next to the eyes to avoid irritation. Adequate hydration with moisturizers can also diminish the look of fine lines around the eyes and prepare a smother surface for makeup application.

Look for gentle, non-sensitizing products and avoid ones that have an oily feel, because these have the potential to clog pores and cause irritation by seeping into your eyes. The regular use of a hat or sunglasses can also help to protect against premature wrinkling of the skin area around your eyes.

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