Fast beauty fixes

Sometimes that new-mom glow just isn’t enough—especially when it’s accompanied by a case of new-mom under-eye circles. Fortunately, we don’t need a big bag of makeup to get presentable or even a lot of time. It just takes a small team of makeup-bag MVPs, plus a little know-how. Here’s what you need to get from harried mom to hot mama in a hurry.

Tinted moisturizer with SPF

You need moisturizer, you need sun protection, and, chances are, you want to even out your skin tone with foundation, too, right? So combine all three in one multi-tasking beauty essential.

• Mascara

Who has time for eyeshadow? (Which can also draw attention to under-eye circles, by the way.) Just apply two coats of good waterproof mascara so your lashes pop.

• Lipstick

A nice, bright, confidence-boosting lipstick is any new mom’s secret weapon. It’ll freshen your face and draw eyes to your smile—not the spit-up on your shoulder!

Lip stain or gloss

A bold lipstick (see above) needs application with a steady hand, mirror not optional. When you're on the run, smear on a forgiving (and moisturizing) lip gloss or tint instead.

Makeup artist tip: You can also use gloss or tint as a subtle blush. Just wipe it onto your clean palm, then press palms onto the apples of your cheeks.

Oil-blotting sheets

They’re mid-afternoon lifesavers! Use blotting sheets to get the shine off your face without stripping makeup or caking on too much powder.


Consider this optional. Some women swear by it while others find it unnecessary or prefer the deflective powers of a good lipstick, as discussed above. A strong colour match is crucial, so if in doubt when shopping, ask a Shoppers Drug Mart beauty expert to help you find your perfect concealer match.

Finally, remember to tote a tube of hand cream wherever you go. It’s not just for hands and cuticles anymore. Use it as a backup lip balm or even hair tamer—just rub a teensy bit between hands and then smooth down flyaways.