Mood boosters for new moms

Those first few months with a new baby can be tough, but remember that it’s important to take some time out for yourself. A brisk walk or some gentle stretches on your yoga mat are great ways to boost your energy and your mood. Here are some other mood-boosting tips from new moms across the country.

“I give myself a bath time-out, with scented candles and a magazine. I soak until the water gets cold. The best part is listening to my husband singing to the baby.” Cathy Ciccone, Toronto, Ontario.

“When I need a lift, I call my girlfriends and we meet. Sometimes it’s two of us, sometimes 10. We look after each other, so just some time spent with my girlfriends over drinks and coffee is huge. I don’t know what I’d do without them.” Darlene Dingwall, Brooks, Alberta.

“I work out. I do some crunches to regain my pre-pregnancy belly or jog on the spot for 10 or 15 minutes in front of my soap opera while my baby is down for a nap. It does the job, giving me more energy than I had previously.” Fawn Bridgeman, Mindemoya, Ontario.

“I do one of a number of things: call my husband (he works out of town), call a girlfriend, meet friends for dinner, go to the gym or get a babysitter and shop.” Jacqueline Duggan, Edmonton, Alberta.

“I hug my kids. This makes my heart smile every time.” Cheryl Wright, Miscouche, PEI.

More Easy Uppers

Try these easy energy and mood boosters. (See if your mom, sister or friend can care for your baby for a few hours.) 

· Book a massage to help you unwind. 

· Get outside for a walk. If you’ve been indoors all day, the fresh air and exercise will feel great. 

· Go to a movie with a girlfriend. It’s a chance to re-connect with your friend and take a mental and physical break — during the movie you can put all your mental to-do lists on hold and just kick back and relax.