Multiple births: what are my options?

A fertility specialist can help you alleviate any concerns you have about multiple births. In general, fertility treatments can increase your risk of multiple births, but there are ways to reduce this risk.

In cases when many eggs are produced in the ovaries, your specialist may recommend freezing surplus embryos. This is especially helpful if you are about to undergo a medical treatment, as it gives you the option of using them in the future.

Some families may welcome the challenges of multiples and see having twins as having an instant family. The choice is personal and best discussed with your fertility specialist.

Should you be in a situation where you're pregnant with multiples, your specialist will work with you and discuss all the available options, including multifetal reductions, which involve reducing the number of viable fetuses.

When considering fertility treatments, being informed is key. Firsthand information can ease many concerns. A fertility specialist will address your questions and offer reassuring scenarios best suited to your family. Click here to find a fertility clinic in your area.

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