Red carpet style rules

Although talent does still count for something, a fashion or beauty misstep at an awards show or movie premiere can upstage even the most Oscar-worthy performance. When merely looking good is not an option, celebrities call on an entourage of hair stylists, makeup artists, and fashion experts to raise the bar. Here, the pros who make all the A-list stars look drop-dead gorgeous share the tricks and tools of their trade, so you can get the red carpet treatment at home.

Smiles, everyone!
Any trip down the red carpet starts and ends with a beautiful smile - and brilliant white teeth are a prerequisite. Crest Whitestrips® Premium is clinically proven to remove up to 14 years of stain buildup in only 7 days. And the take-anywhere compact makes whitening on the go a breeze.

When in doubt, trust a classic
At A-list award shows like the Golden Globes, actresses often channel old Hollywood glamour. And what is a key feature of old Hollywood glamour? Enchanting red lips, which never seem to go out of style.

Less is more
Sculptured, very styled hair is de rigueur for high profile celebrity appearances. But be warned - go easy on hairspray, mousse, and gel. You don't need to throw a million products in your hair to make it look good.

Concealer is a girl's best friend
Bottom line? You must wear concealer. Eye shadow - even light-coloured ones - makes under-eye shadows worse. To camouflage them, try first applying an eye cream (something light that absorbs easily and isn't greasy). Follow the cream with a yellow-toned (the best colour to neutralize darkness) concealer and a touch of yellow powder on top.

Details make the difference
Deborah Lippmann, creator of the Lippmann Collection (a complete line of nail care products and polishes), jets between New York and Los Angeles weekly to keep the fingers and toes of celebrities in tip top condition. The look of the moment is nails with a little length - about ¼ inch past the fingertip - with a softer, more rounded feminine shape. says the manicurist. This spring, try lilacs, lavenders, soft whites, and pinks with a little shimmer and iridescence.

Luminous skin is in
All the makeup in the world can't hide tired, sun-damaged, over-dry skin. To avoid damaging your skin from the sun, wear sunscreen every day. It's our most important defence against aging. Follow the instructions on the label and don't forget to reapply often. For quick fixes on the day of a big event, try the following:

  • zucchini slices: 10 minutes on the eyes reduces swelling and puffiness
  • plain yogurt: massage onto skin and let sit for 15 minutes, then wipe off with warm water and voila - a bright, glowing complexion
  • cold water: splash for a fresh, radiant complexion

Makeup should compliment...not match
Colour may often be all over the red carpet at award shows, but the makeup don't often follow suit - exactly. You don't need to match your eye shadow with your dress. What you want to do is create a harmonious look that enhances the colour of the dress and the eyes That means using soft golds, deep browns, lavenders, and silvers on blue or green eyes, and really warm colours like bronzes and rusty oranges on hazel or brown eyes.

Don't try too hard
Tumbles of waves, finger curls, and sleek chignons make for beautiful hair, but not if they're overdone. You want the style to be interesting but not overpower the overall look. If it looks like you spent all day on your hair, you've failed. And too much time blow-drying or flat ironing can undermine all of your efforts by leaving hair full of split ends and flyaways. Protect the hair from heat styling by using products that act as a barrier. Thermal sprays, serums, and mousses all shield the hair and give the benefit of that "finished" look.

Staying power is everything
You're only as good as your last touch-up. Your makeup has got to last, and one way to do this is to use quality products and tools. Here's a tip: to keep lipstick on all night, fill in the lips with a lip pencil and then apply lipstick.

Be yourself
Beauty is not a cookie-cutter thing. Don't create rules for yourself. Pick and choose between products and techniques that work for you. Empower yourself by taking advice and incorporating it into your own personal style.

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