Steps to cope with stress

Going through fertility treatments can be a stressful time. You may be faced with many uncertainties and concerns, such as the following:

  • Will the treatment be successful?
  • What if our finances don't hold up?
  • I feel like I'm losing control of the situation.
  • How will this affect my relationship with my partner?
  • How do I deal with the pressure from family and relatives?

Learning effective ways to cope with these stresses can help you gain control of your situation and maintain your emotional health.

Planning can help you cope emotionally and financially. Decide ahead of time what options are acceptable for you and your partner, both emotionally and financially. Set limits and stick to them.

One of the most important things you can do to reduce stress is to talk to your partner. Remember that you are not going through this alone. Many couples who have gone through the stress of infertility feel their relationship has grown stronger because of their experience together.

Through support groups, you can also talk to others that have experienced infertility or gone through fertility treatment. They can share their stories with how they coped with the stress of infertility. Learn more about finding emotional support here.

For some people, stress may be caused by not having all the correct information. Put some of your concerns at ease by learning about infertility and fertility treatment, and by getting informed about your insurance coverage, which can all help to reduce your stress.

Becoming knowledgeable about your situation can help you gain a sense of control and allow you to make educated decisions about fertility treatment. Consider sharing this information with family members so that they can understand what you are going through.

Your day-to-day life can be less stressful if you try the following:

  • Identify your feelings and write them down. Share them with your partner.
  • Try to identify other sources of stress in your life. You don't need further stress, so try to find ways to resolve them.
  • Exercise regularly to relieve tension.
  • Avoid drinking too much caffeine found in foods like coffee, tea, and chocolate.
  • Get enough sleep everyday.
  • Learn relaxation techniques such as medication, yoga, or breathing exercises.
  • Make an effort to continue doing the activities you enjoy.
  • Find some time every day to connect with your partner without discussing infertility.
  • Be realistic about the situation. Set realistic goals and find reasonable solutions.

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