What’s Your Top Skin Concern?

Pinpoint your precise skincare needs for a tailored solution.

On a bad day, how does your skin appear?
a) Dry and a little raisin-like — like I really need to start drinking eight glasses of water a day.
b) Fatigued and droopy — like I’ve been pulling all-nighters for a decade or two.
c) As dull as a cloudy grey day and rough in texture.

How would you describe your #skingoals?
a) Skin that feels supple, bouncy and super dewy, like I just saw a genius spa facialist.
b) Aging like my beauty icon J.Lo — in other words, barely aging at all.
c) Looking like I’ve used the sparkles filter on Instagram (but in real life).

How does your face react to seasonal shifts?
a) It gets extra parched, tight and flaky during the harsh winter.
b) It seems like my dead skin cells pile up more in the summer.
c) My issues are things like fine lines and dark spots that stubbornly stick around all year long.

Which of the following product claims would make you click “add to cart” the fastest?
a) Achieve more resilient, healthier, plumped-up skin.
b) Target wrinkles with the latest youth-enhancing innovations.
c) Apply tonight for radiant, smooth skin tomorrow.

What kind of product would be the number one must-have in your routine?
a) A moisture-boosting serum that’s super effective yet feels light on my face.
b) A great sunscreen because it’s the best way to ward off premature signs of aging.
c) A gentle but potent exfoliating product, the true secret to the ultimate glow.

If You Picked Mostly As…
Hydration is your top concern

can benefit from more-is-more skin hydration, but dewy, juicy skin is your main beauty priority. Try upgrading your usual regimen with a serum-like daily booster full of hyaluronic acid, like the popular Vichy Laboratoires Minéral 89 .

If You Picked Mostly Bs…
Rejuvenation is your top concern

You’re keenly aware of signs of aging — from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and overall tiredness — appearing on your skin. Look for powerful rejuvenating treatments, like Shiseido Vital Perfection Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment, designed to target signs of aging.

If You Picked Mostly Cs...
Resurfacing is your top concern

Rough texture and lack of luminosity rank high on your list of skin issues. Luckily, you can choose from lots of resurfacing products that help smooth and brighten, including AHA-based exfoliating treatments like StriVectin® Advanced Hydration Lactic Acid Nightly Retexturizing Serum.