Which luxury fragrance is best for you?

From uplifting to powerful, sensual to playful, there’s a designer scent that’s ready to set the tone for your whole year.

Take this quiz to find your perfect match.

    1. Which New Year resolution is at the top of your list?
      1. Hey big spender: you’re sorting out finances.
      2. Let’s get physical: you’re adopting a fitness habit.
      3. Just relax: you’re booking in regular pampering.
      4. Club house rules: you’re trying a new hands-on hobby.
    2. The New You deserves a new wardrobe — what would you add to your closet first?
      1. A dramatic silhouette, like a puff sleeve blouse.
      2. A gauzy cashmere knit for the perfect lightweight layer.
      3. Heeled booties with a high-shine texture.
      4. A pair of cropped leather pants.
    3. For travel this year, which dream destination is calling to you?
      1. The vibrant energy of Indonesia.
      2. The refreshing shores of Tofino, BC.
      3. The rolling lavender fields of Provence.
      4. The sweet, sunny warmth of the Caribbean.
    4. With the goal of better beauty sleep this year, how would you revamp your ritual?
      1. Invest in luxe accessories, like a silk sleeping mask.
      2. Wind down with a cup of digestive tea.
      3. Use a meditative guide in a sleeping app.
      4. Indulge in a nightly candlelit bubble bath.
    5. Which makeup bag update would you like to try this year?
      1. Jet black liquid eyeliner.
      2. A serum-infused skin tint.
      3. A soft berry lip stain.
      4. An eyeshadow palette of glimmering warm hues.
If you answered mostly A’s: The powerful one
You’re ready to make your mark in the new year and will be doing the most for all 365 days.
A heady blend of mandora oil (a cross between mandarin and sweet orange), ylang ylang and Indonesian patchouli oil make Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum Intense your ideal co-pilot for all the adventures to come.

If you answered mostly B’s: The uplifting one
The fresh slate of a new year fills your optimistic cup to the brim, and Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Limited Edition Eau de Toilette supports that vibe. Notes of salt accord, ambrette and crystal moss create a refreshing spritz that will give you a feel-good boost all year long.

If you answered mostly C’s: The playful one
You’re primed to navigate the new year by tapping into your intuitive ability to go with the flow. For a feminine scent with a sweet twist consider Philosophy Lavendar Eau de Toilette. It offers a soft, aromatic dance of delicate lavender and pink jasmine along with sparkling raspberry and black currants.

If you answered mostly D’s: The sensual one
Whether in a group setting or as a solo sojourn, you’re excited to soak up the year ahead through sweet new experiences. A provocative gourmand that’s bursting with vanilla and a red wine peach accord, Viktor & Rolf Ruby Orchid Eau de Parfum will satisfy your appetite for expanding your horizons.
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