4 Key benefits of a medication review with your pharmacist

A medication review is a personalized, one-on-one consultation with your pharmacist about your medications. Medication reviews allow you to go through all of your medications, ask questions and learn more about them. Your pharmacist will review all your prescription medications, over-the-counter products and natural health products with you.1 Here are a few reasons why you should complete a medication review with your pharmacist.

  1. Streamlining your medication schedule

    Knowing when to take your medications may be confusing. Some medications are best taken at certain times in the day or in a specific way (e.g., with food, with a full glass of water, etc.).2 A medication review can explain how and when your medications should be taken to get the most benefit out of them.1 If you find it hard to take your medications on time every day, your Shoppers Drug Mart® pharmacist can recommend compliance packaging for your medications to make this easier for you.3

  2. Simplifying your medication needs

    Over time, you may find it hard to remember why you’re taking each medication, especially if you are taking several medications. During a medication review, your pharmacist can review your medications in detail, including what you’re taking, how you’re taking each medication and why you’re taking them.4 Your pharmacist will check to see if there are any medications that are no longer needed and work with you to create a plan to reduce or stop a medication if appropriate; this is also known as deprescribing.5 You and your pharmacist can also review other medications or immunizations to consider as part of your treatment plan.2

  3. Identifying drug interactions and possible side effects

    Besides interacting with other drugs, your medications can be affected by other substances, including over-the-counter medications, foods, supplements, and natural health products.2 These interactions can make your medications less effective or increase your risk of side effects.2 As part of a medication review, your pharmacist can help find and address any drug interactions within your treatment plan.1

  4. Reviewing medical device use

    In addition to tablets and capsules, certain medications come packaged in other forms, such as insulin pens and asthma inhalers. Learning how to use these products appropriately can be confusing, especially if there are multiple steps involved or it is something you are not familiar with. During your medication review, your pharmacist can review the correct technique with you.6 They can also suggest other medications or formulations to your doctor that may be simpler for you to use.

Life is often complicated, but your medications don’t have to be. Speak with your local Shoppers Drug Mart® pharmacist if you have questions about medication reviews and to set up a consultation. Medication reviews may take 20 to 30 minutes and may be covered by your provincial health program depending on eligibility criteria.*

Visit our Medication Review page to learn more about medication reviews or ask your pharmacist. Find a local Shoppers Drug Mart® pharmacy near you.

*Provincial eligibility criteria for funded medication reviews varies; speak with your local Shoppers Drug Mart® pharmacist for more details. Terminology for medication review programs vary by province and territory – examples include Comprehensive Annual care plan (Alberta), PharmaCheck (New Brunswick), MedsCheck (Ontario) and the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program (Saskatchewan).