Will swimming in chlorinated or salt water worsen my condition? Swimming in chlorine or salt water will not necessarily aggravate your psoriasis. If you have psoriasis, it is a good idea to remain as active as you normally would, and you may find that swimming is a sport that suits your needs better than others, as it does not involve much sweating or physical contact (both of which may irritate sensitive skin). Keep in mind, though, that chlorine often has a drying effect on skin, so if you're swimming in a chlorinated pool, be sure to rinse the chlorine off as soon as you're out of the water and make sure that you apply a heavy cream or lotion afterwards to help trap moisture in your skin. If you find that the chlorine aggravates your skin, try swimming outdoors in a lake or in salt water when the weather allows. This may prove gentler on your skin. Some people find that swimming in salt water offers healing benefits to their psoriasis.

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