What psoriasis treatment can offer

Unfortunately, there's currently no treatment available that can cure psoriasis. But treatment can offer you many other benefits. Treatment can help clear up your skin and relieve your psoriasis symptoms, including skin redness, itching, pain, dryness, and scales.

Treatment can even put you into remission. A remission is a period of time during which your psoriasis clears up. The length of time you stay in remission depends on the treatment (see "When to expect results") and can vary between different individuals with psoriasis.

How can you tell if your treatment is working? Keep track of your symptoms, and check your skin regularly. If your treatment is working, the itching, scaling, and redness should start to go away, and the psoriasis patches should start to clear up. Make a note of whether your affected areas have started getting smaller. If the psoriasis covers a large area of your body, you may find it easiest to use a digital camera to keep track of how the affected areas change over time. This will help your doctor evaluate your treatment.

Don't be discouraged if you don't see results right away. Some treatments take weeks to work (see "When to expect results") and you may need to try more than one treatment before you find the one that works for you (see "Dealing with disappointing results").

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