Keeping the romance alive

It is really important to think back to what sex was like before baby-making was on your mind. When did you do it? How often? At what time of the day? Think about how much you enjoyed those times and try to get yourself back there.

For some couples, sexual love becomes compromised in the process of making a family. In order to avoid this and continue to feel fireworks when you get under the sheets with your partner, don't constrain sex to the fertile stage of the woman's cycle. If you continuously have sex just for reproduction, you may begin to build an unhealthy association with sex as a mechanical chore, which can be stressful for couples trying to get pregnant.

Another common cycle that reproduction-focused couples fall into is going straight for the finale without spending time on foreplay. Remember when your relationship first began, before baby-making was on your mind, and you would spend so much time just exploring each other's bodies? Well, go back to that.

Include foreplay in your sexual regime in order to avoid letting sex become simply a means to an end. Enjoy the process and enjoy being close to one another by remembering that you used to have sex for pleasure.

In order to keep your sex life thriving, it is important to focus on pleasure. Just because the mission is to get the sperm to the egg doesn't mean the experience can't be orgasmic and pleasurable for both members of the partnership.

Avoid skipping everything that would usually come before intercourse and going straight for the finale. Although it may be tempting to "get it over with," this is not romantic and will not keep your partner begging for more.

One way to bring back the romance and to incorporate foreplay into your baby-making routine is to communicate with your partner. Let your partner know how you feel and what you want.

Make sure you don't forget about the time when sex was about making love to your partner and not just about making a baby. If you keep this in mind throughout the baby-making process and you try to get back to that place, you'll be much better off in keeping the passion alive in your relationship while trying to expand your family.

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