Handling school trips and sleepovers

For children who wet the bed, sleepovers and school trips can be a scary experience. Many children will go out of their way to avoid spending the night away from home for fear that they will wet the bed. But bedwetting doesn't have to mean saying "no" to overnight trips. Here's how to help your child get ready for a sleepover or school trip:

Talk to your child's doctor. If your child has a sleepover or school trip coming up, there are treatment options available to help them stay dry. For example, medications can be used to prevent bedwetting while your child is away from home. Check with your child's doctor to find out which options are right for your child.

Use medication if appropriate. Your child's doctor may recommend the medication desmopressin to help them stay dry away from home. It works by reducing the volume of urine that your child produces during the night to levels normal for a non-bedwetting child. Desmopressin can start working the first night it is taken. Before the trip or sleepover, make sure that you and your child understand how to use the medication and what to expect during treatment.

Be prepared. Help your child pack their things. If your child is using a bedwetting medication, make sure they remember to bring it and know how to use it. Discuss what your child will do if they wet the bed during the night. Having a plan in place will help them feel more in control. Good preparation can relieve stress and help your child enjoy themselves.

These tips will help you and your child get ready for sleepovers and school trips. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your doctor. Find out about the effective treatments that are available to help your child to say "yes" to these activities without fear of wetting the bed.

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