Bedwetting: family success stories

Struggling with bedwetting this holiday season? You're not alone. Get inspired by these stories of how other families have coped.

Alice and Paul* were worried about their holiday trip to visit Alice's mom. Their 6-year-old son, Jack, was still wetting the bed. Every time someone mentioned the trip, Jack said he didn't want to go. Jack was still embarrassed after last year, when he wet the bed at grandma's house and everyone found out. Alice and Paul were worried about what they would do if Jack wet the bed again during the trip, what they would say to Alice's mother, how they could help Jack enjoy the trip, and whether they should even go.

They spoke to Jack's doctor about managing bedwetting. Jack's doctor suggested trying a medication for his bedwetting. Before the trip, Jack tried a couple of different doses to find the dose that worked for him. Now that he had a treatment, Jack decided he'd like to go on the trip after all. Jack took his medication during the trip and stayed dry, and the whole family enjoyed their visit.

Sharon,* a 38-year-old mother of two, was getting more and more stressed as the holiday season approached. Her 11-year-old son Michael was still wetting the bed, even though his 8-year-old sister Susan had stopped years ago. Lately Sharon had been finding balled-up rolls of urine-stained clothing hidden in Michael's closet. Once she found him trying to wash his sheets and pyjamas in the sink. Michael was terrified that Susan would find out and start teasing him, or tell his friends.

Michael's doctor taught Sharon and Michael about bedwetting and the treatment options available. Sharon sat down with both of her kids to have a frank talk about bedwetting. With Michael, she explained that bedwetting was not his fault, it was nothing to be ashamed about, and that he would probably grow out of it in time. She taught Michael how to use the washing machine so he could handle the cleanup on his own. She explained to Susan that everyone has different challenges, and that Michael's challenge was staying dry throughout the night. She and Susan agreed that Susan would not tease Michael or tell about his bedwetting, and Sharon praised Susan for being so grown up and helping her brother. Now Michael feels more confident and less ashamed about his bedwetting.

Do these stories sound familiar? If your family is having bedwetting issues, speak to your child's doctor to find out how it can be managed. Effective treatments are available.

* These family stories are hypothetical stories based on clinical research and the combined experience of families affected by bedwetting.

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