Do cardiologists support self-testing?

If you are on anticoagulation medication, then you are familiar with the time-consuming routine of trekking to the lab to test your INR level, and then, if the results require, scheduling a trip to the doctor to adjust your dosage.

Fortunately, there are new alternatives for people taking anticoagulation medications such as warfarin. Self-testing devices are now available at many pharmacies. These home testing devices provide greater convenience and allow people on warfarin and other anticoagulation medications to become more in tune with changes to their INR levels.

Self-testing may not be the solution for everyone, but it can allow some patients to play a more active, involved role in their care. Self-testing can particularly decrease inconvenience for patients who may need more frequent INR testing. This can be helpful for those who have thyroid disorders or are taking medications that interact with warfarin.

If you’re interested in self-testing, speak to your doctor first. They can help decide if it’s right for you as well as how to conduct it appropriately at home.

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