Making changes: family stories

Is your family struggling with bedwetting? Take heart - a few simple changes may make all the difference. Find out how these everyday families took charge of their bedwetting problems.

Speaking up helps a family find solutions

Madison's* parents, Brian and Katherine, had read that bedwetting usually stopped around age 5 or 6. But at 7 years of age, Madison was still wetting the bed. Madison's parents were concerned, but they weren't sure how to bring it up with their doctor, or how to talk to their daughter about it. Talking about the problem embarrassed them, so they decided to "wait it out". This put a strain on their family and a crimp on Madison's social life.

It wasn't until they heard how a friend's son found a successful treatment for his bedwetting that Brian and Katherine decided to talk to their doctor. Taking this simple step made all the difference for Madison and her family. The doctor helped them learn more about bedwetting and find a treatment that worked for them. The doctor also helped them understand that bedwetting is something that affects many families. Now with successful treatment, Madison is feeling better about herself and enjoying a normal social life, and her parents are glad they took the step of talking to their doctor.

Finding the one that worked

Keith and Judy's* 9-year-old son, Ben, was having problems with his bedwetting treatment. Ben's doctor had recommended a medication that was specific for his bedwetting, but like many children, Ben had trouble swallowing the tablets. When the time came for his nightly dose, Ben would often gag on the pill and be unable to swallow it. This was upsetting for Keith and Judy, and also for Ben, who really wanted the pills to work so that he could go on an overnight camping trip with his friends and his dad.

Frustrated, Keith and Judy took Ben back to his doctor to see if there was anything he could recommend. Ben's doctor gave them a new prescription for a different form of the medication that melted instantly in the mouth, he thought might solve the problem. The family gave it a try, and Ben found it much easier to take. Thanks to this simple change, Ben was able to go on his camping trip, and the whole family found "medicine time" much easier.

Your family's story

Do these stories sound familiar? Is your family struggling with bedwetting? To make sure your family's story has a happy ending, follow the lead of the families above, and speak to your doctor about your child's treatment options.

*The family stories featured here are hypothetical stories based on the combined experience of families coping with bedwetting.

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