How Canada is coping

Keeping avian flu out

Canada has many practices in place to prevent the introduction and spread of avian flu among our domestic fowl. These include:

  • tight controls on the import of birds and poultry products from other countries
  • monitoring domestic and wild birds within Canada
  • helping poultry producers spot and prevent avian flu infections among their livestock
  • launching an awareness campaign to make international travellers aware of avian flu and how they can reduce their chances of carrying the virus into Canada
  • working with other countries to study avian flu and plan control strategies
  • funding public health improvements in Asian countries where avian flu outbreaks are common

Preparing for a pandemic

You may be reassured to know that our federal government's pandemic plan has been held up as a model for other countries by the World Health Organization. Some highlights of Canada's pandemic plan include:

  • strategies that would control the spread of disease in Canada
  • methods of managing the flu in hospitals and nursing homes
  • tactics for keeping critical services in business, even when large numbers of staff are sick
  • working with other countries to make sure Canadians abroad are protected
  • working with other countries to develop a global pandemic plan

Many provinces, territories and municipalities also have a pandemic preparedness plan. Contact your local health authority to find out how they're getting ready.

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