How to administer Naloxone by injection

Video Transcript

Giving Naloxone (an antidote for opioid overdoses)

Before you do anything call 911

Syringe – 1

Ampoule -1,

spin to remove liquid from cap

Ampoule breaker – 1

If you don’t have a breaker, use alcohol wipes!

Alcohol wipes – 2

Draw up all contents very slowly.

Remove as much air as possible. Some air in the needle won’t hurt.

Hold the syringe at 90 degrees and inject the entire dose.

You can give Naloxone through clothing too (thigh).

Toss the used syringe and amps in a rigid container.

Recovery position: Knee stops body from rolling onto stomach. Hand supports head.

Inject again every 5 minutes if they don’t wake up or aren’t breathing normally.