Time to talk to your doctor about your psoriasis?

Your psoriasis treatment needs may change over time. To make sure your treatment keeps up with your needs, be sure to consult your doctor if any of the following apply to you:

  • your psoriasis seems to be getting worse
  • you have started a new treatment and aren't sure whether it's working
  • you are concerned about side effects from your treatment
  • your treatment seems to be less effective than usual
  • you are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • you have started any new medications (these may interact with your psoriasis treatment)
  • you have developed any new medical conditions (these may affect the safety of your treatment)

Your doctor can help you find a safe, effective psoriasis treatment that works for you. The key to making the most of this valuable resource is to know when to consult your doctor. Talk to your doctor if any of the situations above describe you.

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