Direction of genetic research

Experts continue to try to identify which genes play a role in the development of psoriasis. This information will not only help researchers design specifically targeted treatments, but it could also lead the way to find a cure for psoriasis.

At present, dermatologists, immunologists, and geneticists around the world are busy researching the genetic nature of psoriasis and sharing their research to help isolate the genetic "culprits" in the onset of the condition. Once the genes (and experts know that more than one is involved) linked with psoriasis have been identified, the hope is that treatments will become safer, more effective, and targeted to the needs of individuals, based on their specific genetic make-up. Another area of possibility is gene therapy, which would involve "correcting" the genes that trigger the psoriasis process so that they function properly. This could be done by repairing the malfunctioning genes or replacing them with healthy ones.

Genetic knowledge is expanding. To monitor the latest studies and research, a variety of resources are available to you. Check with your local psoriasis society or support group for information, and remember that medical journals (often available online) also publish details on the latest news. As well, ask your health care professional about the best available treatments and how the latest genetic research benefits you.

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