Genetic predisposition?

Do race or skin colour play a role in developing psoriasis? Race and skin colour do not play a direct role in whether or not a person is likely to develop psoriais. Psoriasis is linked to a disorder of the immune system, and skin colour does not affect the function of the immune system. Nevertheless, it is known that genetics are involved in the development of the condition, and so the likelihood of inheriting the responsible genes may differ among racial groups. For example, people of European descent are more likely than African-Americans or those of aboriginal origin in North or South America to develop psoriasis. Research continues into the reasons for these differences, but factors such as genetics and environmental triggers are believed to be involved.

Interestingly, experts have learned that a genetic predisposition does not ensure the later development of the condition. It appears an additional environmental trigger (such as stress or an infection) is needed for psoriasis to occur. Research is ongoing.

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