Which natural or non-drug alternative remedies will help?

Which natural or non-drug alternative remedies will help my condition? Different options exist. The remedies listed below are all known to help ease symptoms.

Baths: Taking an oatmeal bath can help reduce itching. Or try adding oil, or dissolving epsom or Dead Sea salts in your bathwater. This helps loosen and remove scales and also reduces itching. Limit your bath to about 15 minutes, and remember to apply a good moisturizer when you step out of the tub. This helps trap moisture in your skin. Remember not to take a very hot or very cold bath, as extremes in temperature can aggravate symptoms.

Sunlight: A little sunlight does a lot of good. Try to spend some time outside each day to expose your skin to the benefits of the sun's ultraviolet rays. But make sure to avoid a sunburn, which can worsen or trigger a psoriasis flare-up. Always use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 on unaffected areas or if you'll be in the sun for more than 20 minutes.

Stress relief: Stress is a known factor linked with psoriasis. It can be caused by the itching and many other effects of the condition, but stress itself can also trigger flare-ups. Do your best to reduce your stress by taking some time each day to relax - take a walk in the park or read a book. Other stress relievers could include yoga or meditation. (Some research even indicates that listening to meditation tapes during phototherapy gives extra benefits in clearing psoriasis.) Choose whichever stress relievers work best for you. Remember that they not only help your psoriasis but also boost your overall health.

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