Scalp care by the seasons

What to do come spring: The calendar flips to April and we begin to emerge from our protective wintry cocoons of scarves, caps, and artificial heat. And too many days spent beneath a hat may mean your scalp is ready for a circulation-boosting massage! Incorporate self-massage as a step in your shampoo lathering routine. Fill your palm with shampoo and spread your fingers across your scalp, tucking your thumbs behind your ears. From here, knead your fingertips and the shampoo into your scalp, tracing small circles all across your head. Take a deep, refreshed breath - and rinse well! If you have a flaky scalp and are currently using a dandruff shampoo, this massaging and extended lather time can help to allow the dandruff shampoo to do what it needs to do - double bonus!

Summer-proof your scalp: You don't want a burnt scalp. But unless you're hair-free up top, it can be tricky to apply sunscreen to your head. No matter how much hair you have, your scalp still needs protection from the sun. Not only can sunburn increase skin cancer risks, it can also dry out your skin. Wear a loosely-fitted or floppy hat while outdoors for summer outings to prevent sunburn while keeping scalp sweating to a minimum. Or try out sun protection products specially designed for use on hair to protect your scalp from the sun and from irritants like pool chlorine. If you have dandruff, take extra time to rinse out all shampoo, conditioners, gels, and other hair care items to keep from getting gunky product buildup on your scalp, which can aggravate dandruff.

Fall - the scalp fixer-upper season: After a summer exposed to the elements, your scalp could use some restorative attention. Do a deep cleanse-and-condition to help strip the sand, sun, and sunscreen chemicals out of your hair and off of your scalp. And keep in mind that as autumn rolls on, heaters get cranked up and air gets drier.

Don't let winter go to your head: The darker clothes of wintertime can make dandruff more noticeable, so this is the time to be extra kind to your scalp. Shivery, frigid temps may tempt you to turn up the heat on your showers and baths. But water that's too hot can sap your skin of its natural oils and dry it out. Instead, keep a steady, warm shower climate with just enough steam to open pores without letting all the moisture evaporate from your skin. To maintain moisture without oiliness, shampoo and condition regularly. Just be sure to fully rinse out shampoos and conditioners to prevent residue buildup that might irritate skin or contribute to clumpy flakes.

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