Recognizing the signs of dandruff and flaky scalp

The most visible symptom is the flakes themselves that can be seen on the scalp, in the hair and sometimes on people's shoulders. These can vary in size, from small and fine to larger clumps.

Dandruff also has symptoms that are only felt. These include feelings of a tight, dry and itchy scalp. Of course, an itchy scalp only makes things worse: the more you scratch, the more flakes you dislodge Not only this, scratching your head can make your hair look dull and lifeless and damage the strands which makes them weaker.

However, not everyone who thinks they have dandruff may have dandruff. Conditions such as psoriasis are often mistaken for dandruff. If you're using head & shoulders or another anti-dandruff shampoo and don't notice a difference after a few weeks, then it's worth making an appointment to see your doctor.

Luckily, dandruff can be controlled easily just by using head & shoulders regularly. You can get relief for your itchy scalp. Have your hair feel wonderful, smell amazing, and be visibly flake-free.

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