Cosmetic options?

Are cosmetic options available to hide my condition? Yes. Many people choose to use a cosmetic cover-up to make their condition less obvious. This can help increase your comfort level in some social situations and may require less energy in terms of handling the curious glances from strangers. Nevertheless, cosmetic cover-ups are not appropriate for everyone at every time. Never use cosmetics on open psoriasis lesions or on irritated skin. As well, the use of cosmetic cover-ups is not recommended for certain types of psoriasis (such as those associated with widespread areas of redness) because the skin is already inflamed and stinging or redness may result. If you have concerns about using cosmetic cover-ups, talk to your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Before you apply cosmetics, try to gently remove as much scaling as possible. Talk to your doctor about the best methods to do this. And remember that you can use creative clothing options to cover your psoriasis too. In warm weather, you may wish to wear a sunhat or lightweight cotton shirts with long sleeves, or in the winter, experiment with turtlenecks or layering lightweight long-sleeved clothing (to accommodate differing temperatures indoors and out).

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