Bedwetting is nothing to fear

There's nothing like scary camp stories to keep kids up all night - and they love it. But tales of ghosts, monsters, and hockey-masked maniacs emerging from the woods are nothing compared to the fear that a bedwetter faces during the night.

The following real-life story shows just how stressful it can be for a bedwetter at camp.

"When I was 12 I had the chance to go to a camp that had 2 overnights. I was very excited because most of my school friends were going and I wasn't going to miss it. I knew I was a bedwetter but didn't think about that in all the excitement, in fact I felt by the time the camping trip came I'd likely have outgrown it... The week leading up to camp was a nightmare for me. I had tremendous anxiety over the thought that my friends (or, worse, the other 12-year-old girls in the class) would find out my secret. I didn't want to tell my parents my fears as they'd likely make me stay at home and I really wanted to go. When I was at the camp I promised myself that I wouldn't go to sleep, so for 2 nights I made it to about 2 am before I finally passed out. I was lucky that I didn't actually wet the bed but the entire trip was somewhat of a miserable experience due to anxiety and sleep deprivation."

Talk to your child to help reduce the fear and anxiety that comes with bedwetting. Talk to your doctor about treatment options that can help your child control their nighttime accidents. Treatments can include bedwetting alarms, behavioural therapies, coping techniques such as wearing absorbent nighttime underwear and limiting fluids before bedtime, and medications.

Being prepared will make all the difference in your child's camp experience. An extra sleeping bag with absorbent disposable liners that adhere to the inside of the bag can help maintain your child's dignity. Extra underpants kept inside the sleeping bag and pyjamas under the pillow make a quick change simple. Keeping a flashlight near is handy during nighttime bathroom runs.

Help make camping the great experience it should be this summer and prepare your child to face their new adventures with the confidence that a dry night can bring.

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