Innovative ‘Vitamin Finder’ debuts online, along with Life Brand’s new vitamins and supplements in store

November 27, 2013 – Toronto, ON: Life Brand, a trusted name for over 50 years is stronger than ever with the launch of 150 new and reformulated vitamin and supplement products. The new online tool is designed to help Canadians find the health products they need. The Life Brand Vitamin Finder, gives consumers convenient 24/7 access to a wealth of online information about the growing range of vitamins, minerals, supplements and natural health products that are available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

“Canadians have made Shoppers Drug Mart a top destination for their health needs, and innovative tools like the Vitamin Finder offer them new ways to rediscover Life Brand’s range of products,” says Chong Bang, Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Shoppers Drug Mart. “When combined with the expertise of highly trained pharmacists at more than 1,200 Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across Canada, this is truly a 360 approach to meeting the needs of Canadian consumers.”

The Vitamin Finder is available at and can be used to search for information about vitamins and other supplements including benefits, ingredients, contraindications and dosage. It can be used to find products that support specific health concerns or conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, cognitive function, immune system, heart health and eye health. In addition, the Vitamin Finder will also suggest complementary products.

“More and more people are finding their health information online, so it’s important to get it from a trusted source,” says Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist Christine Yu. “The Life Brand Vitamin Finder makes information about vitamins, minerals, supplements and natural health products easily accessible, and this is a great complement to speaking with a pharmacist in store or on the phone.” Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists are a vital and accessible health resource for those looking for information about vitamins and supplements and can provide council on potential interactions with other medications.

“Everyone has different nutritional needs depending on their age, health concerns or diet, so it’s important to choose a product that is right for you,” says Louelle Levenberg, Holistic Nutritionist. “When you lack key nutrients, feel stressed or are sleep-deprived, your immune system can suffer, increasing your susceptibility to illness and fatigue—so if you can’t always eat healthily, you may want to add a supplement.”

Whether it’s to support pregnancy or contribute to overall health and vitality at any age, Life Brand offers more than 260 carefully developed, quality-tested vitamin, mineral and natural health products along with new packaging designed to help Canadians find the products they need easily. The comprehensive range includes more than 40 multivitamin formulas targeted to age, gender and lifestyle, including the popular chewable Gummy Multi and Spectrum Gold with Lutein.

New Life Brand products available now include Krill Oil, Echinacea Zinc Throat Spray, Oregano Oil 80% (softgels), Vitamin D Orange Chews, Folic Acid/DHA Formula, and a Hair, Skin and Nails Formula that contains Selenium, Biotin, Lutein, Vitamins E and B1 and Beta Carotene. New age or gender-specific products include I-Care Adult 50+ with Lutein and Omega 3 (softgels), and a Women’s Probiotic with Cranberry to support digestive and urinary tract health. Launching in early 2014 are Life Brand Omega 3 Gummies, sugar-free Calcium Chews (chocolate), a Prenatal Kit (Prenatal Multi & Algae Omega) and Algae Omega 3 Prenatal (softgels).

Launched in 1962 by Shoppers Drug Mart founder Murray Koffler, Life Brand has been a popular choice of Canadians for over 50 years. Today, Life Brand offers more than 1,400 health products, from pain relief to vitamins, and is Shoppers Drug Mart’s top-selling over the counter health brand. Life Brand works directly with manufacturers to reduce costs and pass the savings onto Canadian shoppers, and continues to offer a full-money back guarantee for product quality.


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