Shoppers Drug Mart® Launches Exclusive New Dermatological Skin Care Brand

Etival LaboratoireTM delivers new active ingredients and clinical results to meet the needs of Canadian women of all ages and skin types

June, 2010, Toronto:  Once again affirming its position as a leader in Canada’s beauty industry, Shoppers Drug Mart®launches Etival LaboratoireTM, an exclusive dermatological skin care line with newly developed active ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results.  Etival Laboratoire is uniquely tailored to address the skin care needs of all age groups and skin types, and offers Canadian women a new choice to address specific dermatological concerns.  Five colour-coded product categories featuring 29 Etival Laboratoire products will be available in June at the majority of Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores across the country.

“We developed Etival Laboratoire using state-of-the-art formulation technologies to create an advanced multi-vitamin complex, ensuring both efficacy and results,” says says Morne Van Wyk, Senior Vice President, Corporate & Exclusive Brands, Shoppers Drug Mart. “Shoppers Drug Mart is a trusted retail destination for scientifically-advanced skin care products and Canadian women have come to expect quality and innovation for skin care purchases, and Etival delivers on all counts.”

“The strength of Etival comes from the newest, cutting-edge ingredients like Multi ProTM, that are clinically proven to be effective in addressing a wide variety of skin care concerns,” says Doina Sandulache, Product Developer, Etival. “Whether you want to prevent or mitigate the signs of aging, address acne prone or oily skin, or maintain youthful looking skin, Etival offers unique solutions to meet specific skin care needs.”

  • Multi-ProTM, an active delivery system enriched with both vitamins and antioxidants to help preserve skin’s integrity while nourishing and protecting.
  • CalmosensineTM, an advanced dipeptide that relieves tension and relaxes skin.
  • Vitamin C Ester (BV-OSC), an innovative vitamin ingredient that is 50 times more effective at delivering pure Vitamin C to the skin than Ascorbic Acid.
  • Cytobiol™ Lumin-Eye, a combination of active ingredients that target the causes of puffiness and premature aging around the eyes.
  • Dermaxyl™, an advanced ceramide peptide complex that works deep within the skin’s layers to smooth wrinkles and improve the integrity of the cutaneous barrier.
  • Haloxyl™, a peptide complex that helps reduce dark circles and reinforces skin firmness and tone in the area around the eyes. 
  • Marine Filling Collagen Micro-Spheres penetrate skin’s deep layers to absorb water evaporating from the skin to provide increased volume to skin structure and smooth surface imperfections. 
  • Matrixyl 3000™, an age-defying complex containing naturally-occurring peptides that help repair cutaneous damage caused by aging, such as wrinkles. 

Etival features five colour-coded product categories that make it easy for Canadian consumers locate the products that best suit their skin-care needs:

  • Etival Hydra: Six new skin care products for women in their 20s and 30s who want to maintain and enhance skin’s moisture, refresh the skin, and protect it from drying and environmental stress.  Hydra Smooth Gel Cleanser ($18); Hydra Fresh Toner ($19); Hydra Boost Serum ($35); Hydra Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 ($32); Hydra Bright Eye Gel ($32); Hydra Quench Moisture Night Cream ($32).
  • Etival Ener-C: Six new skin care products for women in their 30s and 40s who want to energize the skin, brighten dull complexions, and protect skin from drying and environmental stress. Ener-C Gel Cleanser ($18); Ener-C Mist ($25); Ener-C Brightening Serum ($35); Ener-C Firming Eye Gelee ($32); Ener-C Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 ($32); Ener-C Nutrifying Cream ($42).
  • Etival Rederm: Five new skin care products for women in their 40s and 50s who want to diminish the signs of aging, restore moisture to aging skin, and protect skin from drying and environmental stress.  Rederm Cream Cleanser ($19); Rederm Radiance Serum ($42); Rederm Eye Treatment ($36); Rederm Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 ($40); Rederm Wrinkle Relaxing Cream ($42).
  • Etival Clarifying: Six new skin care products for women of all ages with acne prone skin who are seeking blemish free, comfortable and luminous skin.  Ingredients work to improve skin tone and texture, soothe discomfort and reduce redness, and protect skin from drying and environmental stress.  Clarifying Wash ($20); Clarifying Soothing Pore Reducing Toner ($20); Clarifying Calming Oil-Control Lotion SPF 15 ($29); Clarifying Oil-Free Care Cream ($29); Clarifying Remedy Mask ($20); Spot Relief Lotion ($21).
  • Etival Urgen-C Solutions: Six new tactical products for women of all ages looking for fast solutions to resolve specific skin care issues such as: thin, lined lips; redness, sensitivity and rosacea; fine lines and wrinkles; dull complexion; dryness and dehydration.  Urgen-C Lip Filling Concentrate ($30); Urgen-C Soothing Redness Relief ($30); Urgen-C Wrinkle Filling Concentrate ($38); Urgen-C Dual System Skin Renewal Peel & Activator ($35); Urgen-C Renewing Polishing Treatment ($21); Urgen-C Hydrating Surge Mask ($20).

Etival Laboratoire is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix.

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